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For over 100 years, we manufacture hydraulic systems and control valves at the
highest level. Through international certifications, we develop forward looking
products and concepts.

Modern power plants and industrial facilities are nowadays designed for a longer service life and higher performance and with a comprehensive automation for a wide range of operating conditions. At the same time existing systems can be optimized in terms of efficiency with increased availability criteria. This has been a steady growth of requirements, in particular for the implementation of control valves and their actuators.

To ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment and to avoid un-scheduled shutdowns a professional maintenance is essential.

Therefore, professionals are needed who know these valves and actuator systems as well as process technology detailed. Someone who knows the answer, if you have problems to certain operating conditions. Someone who makes sure that everything runs smoothly again as quickly as possible. Someone like the experts from Reineke.

The service department from Reineke offers professional service at a customer site or in the factory workshop for: Commissioning, inspection, maintenance, repair and modification of electro-hydraulic actuators and actuator systems, control valves and gas analyzers for calorific value, Wobbe index and density.

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If an expert is required, our trained and experienced service team is on the spot. Whether it is routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our team has the experience, the right tools and access to all the information about the products manufactured by us. This ensures that the necessary work is carried out quickly, professionally and economically. If the conditions require, our qualified technicians can disassemble and reassemble a valve with the associated actuator on site and make appropriate adjustments. This saves time and money - e.g. during testing and repairing of shut-off and control valves.


If a repair on site is too expensive or not possible for technical reasons, the components are brought to our service company. There we replace defective parts, dismantle and clean valves, machine sealing surfaces, carry out pressure and leakage tests and replace worn seals and valves. All work and used materials are documented for reasons of cost transparency.


On request, all components manufactured by us can also be professionally installed and subsequently put into operation. We pay attention to the full functionality, optimize if necessary and carry out a final test.


Our service is equipped for reconstruction work, which includes a complete disassembly, cleaning, welding, modifications and new manufacture of parts. The assembly also extends to the installation of seals, leak testing and functional testing (if possible). By the replacement of hydraulic drive against a corresponding replacement drive, we can minimize the downtime in your plant in an emergency. The specialists at REINEKE are also your competent partners for the replacement of obsolete components within the scope of modernization activities - e.g. replacement of control valves in all types of power plants. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to find a REINEKE solution that fits your requirements exactly.


To ensure smooth operation, we recommend the uses of original spare parts only for our products because it is mass-customization in the valves and hydraulic actuators. Even with the so-called standard parts , you should rely on our careful selection and the resulting operating experience. We provide original spare parts which correspond in size and quality with the original parts. Most spare parts are available from stock, so that in case of need can be a fast delivery.


The Reineke service staff consists of skilled workers with years of experience which they have acquired on the construction sites worldwide. Our goal is: "The plants have to run - around the clock, day after day, year after year!" Because downtime is expensive, especially the unplanned. A proper maintenance therefore helps to save money long-term. And: If a minor damage is detected early, it can be repaired before it develops into a complex disruption.


Our technicians use special tools and regularly calibrated measuring instruments in order to meet our high quality standards even during repair work.


The Reineke service staff is flexible in working hours, especially in cases with a short plant shutdown. If necessary, the Reineke service staff even at night, accessible on weekends and public holidays for you to reduce the response time to a minimum.


Reineke is a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company, also owns the confirmation of suitability in accordance with KTA 1401. Our service technicians are certified according to SCC.


Reineke granted a 6 month warranty on service work.


The Reineke service personnel created a written report on the work done. If you change the technical documentation relevant to be adapted to the last valid status !

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