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For over 100 years, we manufacture hydraulic systems and control valves at the
highest level. Through international certifications, we develop forward looking
products and concepts.

Products of the highest Quality

Reineke develops and manufactures control valves for the fluid steam and water, electro hydraulic compact and scotch yoke actuators for controlling of valves, butterfly valves and ball valves, electro-hydraulic actuator systems for valve groups and diverter damper as well as gas analyzers for measurement of caloric sizes. Our products are used in conventional power plants for use in chemical and petrochemical plants, coking and steel plants as well as in other industrial applications.
The wide range of customized products is characterized by high quality and long service life. The construction follows consequently to the requirements of modern engineering technology and the usual rules.
For over one hundred years, precision, quality and durability are the main important items in our production and development. The rugged, durable and solid construction ensures optimum performance and availability. This is the result of a longtime installed quality assurance system, certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and other international guidelines.
Process safety guarantees product quality!

With intelligent business processes we create the preconditions for outstanding reliability and durability. Lean, fast and flexible processes ensure short lead times and high delivery reliability. Expertise in product development and manufacturing as well as sophisticated testing processes are the important pillars on which is based the quality of our products.
Regarding to our absolute customer orientation, we prove by highly competent and timely response to specific requirements. Our customers are supported by specialists who contribute their knowledge to the entire process chain beginning from the quotation via calculation upto installation.

Gasmeasuring system

Reineke gas measuring instruments are used for the simultaneous analysis and output of up to 4 measuring values. Heating value or calorific value, Wobbe index as well as density and minimum air requirements for all combustible gases which are used in industry application.

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