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We are excited to announce that a new feature has been introduced on our homepage: Our compact hydraulic actuators inquiry form! This form has been designed to make the process of inquiry easier for you, especially if you already have certain requirements in mind.

With our new form, you can effortlessly input known parameters and requirements to help us better understand your needs. Once you have filled out the form, our dedicated sales representatives will promptly reach out to you to further elaborate on the specific requirements and ensure that we can provide you with the best possible solution.

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We are happy to announce that Reineke has received the prestigious award Employer of the Future from the German Institute for Innovation and Sustainability under the patronage of former Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries and Germanys largest business magazin DUP Unternehmer. Together with all our employees worldwide we are looking forward to continue serving our clients with state of the art technology and customer service excellence.

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For more than a century we deliver the highest quality for our customers enabling outstanding performance.

We would like to thank all our clients, suplliers and partners for their trust and loyalty. At Reineke we are grateful for the excellent relationships with all our partners and we are looking forward to the next 111 years of excellence.

The boom in South Korea as a business location continues unabated. Machine and electronics manufacturers who want to tap into this lucrative East Asian market need KCs certification (also called KCs Mark, where "s" stands for Safety) for their products. This is the South Korean government's way of ensuring that potentially dangerous products do not enter the market.

Based on the Industrial Health and Safety Act, the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) requires KCs Ex certification for South Korea of explosion-proof electrical components.

During testing, the electrical and mechanical safety as well as the electromagnetic compatibility of the product are evaluated according to a catalog of criteria. Only when all the specifications have been met is the KCs seal issued, allowing access to the South Korean market.

REINEKE's servo valve coil has also successfully undergone this procedure and is now in certification status for approval.

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The China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) is similar to the European CE system and serves to standardize product quality. It was introduced in 2002 and applies to both imported and Chinese products. Since May 1, 2003, certain goods that do not have the approval can no longer be imported into the PR China.

REINEKE has successfully completed the CCC certification processwhich included product testing and factory audits. With CCC approval according to the Chinese standards CNCA-C23-01 (Certificate for China Compulsary Product Certification) and CNEX-C2301-2019 (Guideline of China Compulsary Certification), REINEKE has retained access to a promising market for its products. You can kview the CCC certifications here.

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Überwachung von Dampfprüfstöcken mit DESYsmart/TESYsmart noch komfortabler

Monitoring of steam test sticks now even more user-friendly

Systems from REINEKE for intelligent electronic monitoring of steam test units are in use worldwide and contribute to safety of power plant operators. The proven measuring modules for control systems - DESYsmart and TESYsmart - have been further developed and now offer even more user-friendly features and data quality.

The next generation, DESYsmart PLUS and TESYsmart PLUS, have a colour display that makes intuitive operation via touch screen even easier. All recorded faults and status changes are recorded by the devices and stored internally. In this way, all changes can be checked at any time in a history. A USB interfaceis used for comfortable readout of data. Internal improvements of the individual electrical fuses, acknowledgement by control room and optional bus communication via cable or fibre optic are further advantages of the next generation for intelligent monitoring of steam test devices.

With DESYsmart PLUS and TESYsmart PLUS, REINEKE once again sets new standards.

Projektarbeit des Technologiezentrums in Zusammenarbeit mit Reineke
Projektarbeit des Technologiezentrums in Zusammenarbeit mit Reineke

Reineke Meß- und Regeltechnik GmbH supports project work of the TBS1 Bochum Technology Centre

As a project partner, Reineke has given the technicians-to-be Fabian Schmidt (employer: Reineke Meß- und Regeltechnik GmbH), Alexander Rysi and Dennis Fischer the task of optimizing the test bench for axial piston pumps. The aim of the project was on the one hand to improve work safety and on the other hand to optimise the set-up process of the pump test bench.

Picture: Fabian Schmidt, Alexander Rysi and Dennis Fischer at the project presentation (from left)

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Engineering company with more than 100 years of tradition and experience nominates new CEO.

With passion and forward urge to develop the existing ones.
Everything is in motion - also our company and our employees. Movement always entails changes. There has also been a change in our management this year.

Our long-standing CEO, Mr. Jürgen Nehring, hands over his great responsibility in the company Reineke Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH into new hands.
However, Mr. Juergen Nehring will not leave us completely, but will continue to advise and actively support the company in the background as well as with his well-known, prudent nature. We continue to benefit from his many years of experience in our manifold fields of activity.

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