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For over 100 years, we manufacture hydraulic systems and control valves at the
highest level. Through international certifications, we develop forward looking
products and concepts.

The hydraulic cylinders from REINEKE are suitable for use in a whole host of day-to-day applications and have proven their worth time and again. Whether it’s continuous or incremental lowering, lifting, locking or moving, our hydraulic cylinders get the job done safely, reliably and with very little maintenance. All of the structural components used are manufactured in our own facility, making them 100% German quality. What’s more, their speed, force and dimensions can all be adapted to suit your requirements. The properties of your hydraulic cylinder (in terms of the model, piston diameter, oil volume, actuating time, pressure and more) all come down to your needs and how you plan to use it.

We design and manufacture double-rod cylinders and differential cylinders depending on your chosen operating method. These are available in a range of models, including:

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders

In our single-acting hydraulic cylinders, the retraction takes place passively to a defined safety position by means of an internal or external spring – or else by another external force from your application.

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed with two piston areas to facilitate active extension and retraction. This means the force and actuating times can be precisely defined with a high level of repeat accuracy.

Bespoke solutions

  • • We manufacture hydraulic cylinders with rapid trip times of just 170 ms to suit your chosen application.
  • We also offer hydraulic cylinders in line with ATEX (2014/34/EU) and SIL (IEC 61508) for our product.
  • Our patented, tungsten-based piston rod coating is ideal for highly wear-resistant applications with constant modulation in a particular format, such as those found in frequency-based power stations.
Zeichnung von Hydraulik Zylinder von Reineke Meß- und Regeltechnik

We offer zero lead times on our hydraulic cylinders and guarantee full performance from the outset – regardless of the lifting height and load. As a result, you can benefit from a well-engineered product with excellent functional reliability and a flexible range of applications.

Hydraulic cylinders from REINEKE are used in environments including:

  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • locks and dam structures
  • punching and embossing machines
  • steelworks, rolling mills, chemical plants and concrete factories
  • materials handling, mining and surface mining
  • fertiliser plants
  • manufacturing companies in the die casting industry
  • much more besides

Designed, engineered and manufactured with decades of experience

Based in the Ruhr Valley, our company owes its success in part to the development of reliable assemblies for mining, heavy industry and power plant technology. This is why we are well accustomed to creating solutions that continue to function smoothly, reliably and steadily. Our hydraulic cylinders can even be designed to endure specific environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold, moisture, dust or dirt without compromising their functionality. This makes them perfectly suited to applications in continental and maritime environments.

The hydraulic cylinders from REINEKE are operated with hydraulic oils according to the DIN 51524 “H(V)LP” standard. These oils contain additives that offer corrosion protection, resistance to ageing and additional wear protection. If required, the option is also available to use flame-resistant liquids according to the DIN 51502 standard (HFD-R, HFD-S, HFD-T, HFD-U), which possess similar properties to mineral oil. Similarly, non-toxic, environmentally friendly substances can also be used to operate the hydraulic cylinders in areas that are considered particularly sensitive in terms of their impact on the environment. As for potentially explosive areas, we even offer ATEX-certified hydraulic cylinders to ensure risk-free operation in these environments.

Advantages of REINEKE hydraulic cylinders

  • As a manufacturer, we offer you the opportunity to modify our standard range of cylinders. To this end, we have a wide range of facilities at our disposal, including state-of-the-art CAD technology.
  • We also design and manufacture space-saving cylinders for use in areas where space is at a premium. Our compact cylinders merge hydraulic cylinders and springs into a single unit with an incredibly low structural height.
  • We can tailor the force, pressure, dimensions and design to suit your specific technical requirements.
  • Units can be controlled externally or via an integrated control block.
  • Specially designed to meet safety requirements with our steam test unit in line with TRD421 or EN ISO 4126 and IEC 61508.
  • Also available for special environmental conditions.
  • Take advantage of a tried-and-tested product of German quality.
  • Our assemblies comply with virtually all requirements stipulated in international policies and standards.
  • REINEKE specialists can even handle the proper commissioning and maintenance of your product on request.
  • Take advantage of our decades of experience.
Hydraulik Zylinder von Reineke Meß- und Regeltechnik

If you have a project that calls for hydraulic cylinders then we’d love to hear from you. REINEKE can offer you the perfect solution.
Contact us to find out more.